Our Story

The Ohio Regional Church Network (ORCN) was birthed in 2023 from the collective efforts of five churches in Central Ohio when their former association of churches dissolved. Sharing a common history, each of the churches desired to maintain a relational network for mutual encouragement, accountability, and missional collaboration. Intentional engagement with other churches for mission and seeking a practical accountability were goals expressed by the members of their churches.   

Each founding church greatly values working with the wider body of Christ and believes that only in partnering with others can we fulfill the words of Jesus to “Go and make disciples of the nations.” (Matthew 28:16-20) To that end, we work alongside like-minded churches and ministry organizations both in and out of our network. We welcome churches looking for an intentional network to consider membership in ORCN.

Founding Churches

Awaken Church, Columbus, Ohio (Near OSU campus)
Darby Creek Church, Galloway, Ohio (Hilliard area)
Grace Point Community Church, Lewis Center, Ohio
Linworth Road Church, Northwest Columbus
New Song Community Church, Reynoldsburg, Ohio

Our Mission & Vision

Ohio Regional Network is a network of churches that have agreed to fellowship and minister together according to the vision and strategies set forth in this document. The Pastors and Churches of ORCN are bound together by their commitment to the Lordship of Jesus Christ and their belief that He has called them to walk in relationship with one another. ORCN is not a legal entity and does not hold any legal authority over its member pastors or churches. Although the members are encouraged to seek the counsel of the member churches, Advisors, and pastors on certain matters as stated in this document, the final decisions governing each member church rests with that church’s governing board of elders as defined in that church’s constitution and by-laws.

Mission Statement

Developing healthy churches and pastors through a network of healthy relationships and strategic partnerships.

Vision Statements and Strategies

The VISION statements represent a commitment to common goals shared by our member churches.  

The STRATEGIES listed are ideas in the current moment and are not intended to be exhaustive. Strategies are subject to change as it is deemed that change is beneficial.

Vision Statement #1

A commitment to assist member churches in becoming healthy, mature, and growing communities of faith.


  • Provide for strategic vision and coaching for each of the member churches by Advisors, pastors and other gifted leaders.
  • Providing counsel for churches and pastors dealing with transitions, and emergencies by Advisors, pastors and other gifted leaders.
  • Each member church will have at least two Advisors who are not members of that local church who meet at least annually with the elders and pastors to review the overall health of the church. It is required that at least one of these Advisors be a member of ORCN. 

Vision Statement #2

A commitment to provide leadership development opportunities for ORCN member churches in order to strengthen and encourage current pastors and leaders, and to raise up and equip new church leaders. 


  • Monthly Lead/Rep Pastor’s meetings
  • Quarterly Staff Pastor’s meetings
  • Leadership development events such as retreats and conferences
  • Encourage the development of one on one relationships between pastors/leaders for encouragement, ideas, and prayer  
  • Encourage occasional invitations to minister in each other’s churches to broaden the relationships and network awareness in the local churches 

Vision Statement #3

A commitment to strategically partner with other member churches for the purpose of congregational development and fulfilling The Great Commission/Commandment.


  • Planning and developing joint missions/outreach projects.
  • Network endorsed events (conferences, retreats, seminars etc.)  
  • Network endorsed church plants.
  • Annual Retreats for Men’s ministry/Women’s ministry/ Youth Camps/ and others ministries.  

For more information on ORCN and how it functions, feel free to read our Founding Document and/or send us an email using our Contact Us form.